Hosting representatives from the state of New Jersey

Hosting representatives from the state of New Jersey, USA,

Hosting representatives from the state of New Jersey

As people’s environmental awareness increases and they voluntarily reduce the use of disposable plastic products in their daily lives, the movement of PET bottle recycling gained more attention and participation. Being one of the widely used plastic containers, effective recycling and reuse of PET bottle have become urgent issues to address.

On August 18th, Taiwan BoReTech hosted representatives from the state of New Jersey, USA, and their team. During the meeting, Deputy Governor Wesley shared significant progress in PET bottle recycling in the United States. Apart from establishing recycling centers in communities, both government and non-profit organizations actively promote the importance of recycling to encourage citizens to participate in recycling activities. Some states have even legislated requirements for businesses to participate in the construction and operation of recycling systems.

PET bottle recycling not only reduces waste but also saves a substantial amount of energy. Through reutilization, it safeguards natural resources from overexploitation. Recycled PET bottles can be processed and transformed into new plastic containers. By closed-loop recycling, it can reduce waste, demand for petrochemical raw materials, and carbon emissions. However, PET bottle recycling does encounter challenges. Firstly, public misunderstanding of recycling might mix PET bottles with other plastics. Secondly, insufficient equipment for sorting, cleaning, and processing increases recycling costs. Finally, the development of the plastic recycling industry relies on technological innovation and market support. With over 30-year-experience of PET bottle recycling, BoReTech Group is willing to provide technical support.

In conclusion, recycling needs participation of governments, businesses, and individuals. We look forward to promoting PET bottle recycling more effectively through publicity, infrastructure improvement, and technological innovation to achieve the goals of environmental protection and resource conservation to make our planet a better place.