Our main products include “PET RECYCLED FLAKE” ,“PET RECYCLED PELLET” and “PP RECYCLED PELLET”, applying in following industrial applications such as: Polyester staple fiber, filament yarn, molding , sheet, bottle and others.
We also provide “food grade SSP pellets” for the needs of higher physical viscosity or food grade containers. Please feel free to contact us for those who want to have the business cooperation.

recycled PET flake
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Recycling Cycle of PET Bottles
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Garbage Sorting

The garbage generated daily needs to be sorted by the consumer first, like separating the recyclable resources such as PET bottles from others. It will make the recycling station doing the sorting efficiently.

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Recycle Station

When the garbage comes to the recycle station for processing, it needs to go through the sorting process. The recycle station will select bottles according to different materials (PET/PP/PE, etc.) and send them to different processing plants.

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Sorting, Pre-washing and Crushing

During the PET bottles recycling procedure, these bottles must be sorted first by automatic sorting machines or manual way to make sure that unusable bottles are removed. Then go through a pre-washing process and crushed into flakes.

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Flakes Washing

After above steps, the flakes need to go through washing to remove the dirt on the surface. Be processed through multiple processes such as label removing / flotation / hot washing / friction / rinsing usually.

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Impurities Removal

PET fines and impurities need to be removed after PET flakes washed. Boretech is using the advanced equipment like Eddy current / metal detector / optical sorter , which can accurately remove impurities. The final products can now be used as raw materials for plastic manufacturing.

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The process of PET recycling will degrade the physical properties due to cleaning, heating and other processes. The flake can go through the pelletizing process to be transformed into pellets with enhanced availability. It can be made into general pellets or SSP pellets according to customer needs.

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