rPET Pellets applications:

Bottles and Containers: Widely used in the production of sustainable beverage bottles, food containers, and various packaging materials.

Textiles and Apparel: A popular choice for manufacturing eco-friendly fibers and fabrics used in clothing and textiles.

Films and Sheets: Commonly employed to create thin films and sheets for diverse packaging applications.

Injection Molded Products: Frequently utilized in the manufacture of a broad range of injection-molded plastic products, including household items, toys, and industrial components.

Automotive Components: Found in the production of automotive parts, such as interior components and trim, contributing to the automotive industry’s sustainability efforts.

There are 3 grades of our “Recycled PET Pellets” . They are BC5-040、BC6-021 and BC6-081 with key specifications as below , for more details ,please refer to our rPET pellet Technical data sheet.

Intrinsic Viscosity

BC5-040 BC6-021 BC6-081
0.70±0.03 dl/g  0.79 ± 0.03 dl/g 0.85 ± 0.03 dl/g

L Value

BC5-040 BC6-021 BC6-081
 ≧70  ≧65 ≧65

B Value

BC5-040 BC6-021 BC6-081
≦6.0  ≦3.0 ≦3.0

Technical data sheet