Welcome to visit BORETECH at N-EXPO

N-EXPO (New Environment Exposition) will take filelds not only 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycling) but also Resource Recovery/Recycling, Controll & Improve of Air Pollution, Water Contamination, Soil Contamination, Waste Disposal and New energy. BRT’s booth is located at TOKYO BIG SIGHT and we are looking forward to coming your guide.


Welcome to visit BORETECH at PRSE

PRSE is one of the biggest annual events in Europe. It is going to present the innovations in the fields of recycled materials, recycling machinery and services. Also the opportunities and challenges faced by the plastic recycling industry in Europe will be discussed through the expert meeting. BRT’s booth is located at N4 and we are looking forward to coming your guide.


FDA approved

BoReTech obtained FDA in February 2023. The quality has been approved by customers, and it is exported weekly.


Net zero emissions conference for the Non-Woven Fabrics Industry

Taiwan Nonwoven Fabrics Industry Association came to Boretech to share how to conserve energy to reduce carbon emission with each other and exchange practical experience.

Boretech was awarded the
“2022 Recycled Marine Debris Product Label”


On November 21, 2022, Boretech was awarded the “Recycled Marine Debris Product Label” by the Taiwan EPA. For the second year in a row, Boretech has been awarded the official certification label.

K Show 2022


The Boretech booth was always crowded. This experience has been very helpful in expanding our business in the recycling line and recycled material.

Welcome to visit BORETECH at K Fair

Booth No.: 9E21
The triennial K Fair will be held in Dusseldorf, Germany from October 19th to 26th this year, where global rubber companies will exchange the latest information. Nearly 100 companies from Taiwan will participate in the grand event.
The exhibitors are going to show the latest technologies and discuss current trends with the visitors. The epidemic has brought drastic changes to all sectors of the world, so this year’s exhibition focuses on a new development direction after the epidemic.
The exhibitors are quite diverse, not only multinational but also cross-disciplinary. Both parties will discuss future trends and the sustainable development of the global rubber industry.
Boretech Resource Recovery Technology Co., Ltd. will display the recycling technology of recycled polyester together with our HQ – Zhejiang Boretech Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. We sincerely invite you to take the time to come.


Support local sports team

As a local enterprise in Tainan, BORETECH sponsors community sports teams.


Global Recycled Standard (GRS) Certified

The Global Recycled Standard (GRS) is an international, voluntary and comprehensive product standard based on the principles of traceability and tracing of finished products, and stipulates third-party certification requirements for recycling content, chain of custody, social as well as environmental practices, and chemical restrictions. Boretech is committed to the development of recycled plastics through GRS certification.


Boretech encourages employees to use electric vehicles to reduce carbon emissions

In order to reduce carbon emissions, response to the goal of net zero emissions, we encourages our employees to use electric vehicles. We not only set up EV chargers, but also cooperate with far-eastern bank to launch a low-interest loan for employees. With these incentives we hope to bring carbon reduction to everyday life. Taking care of employee welfare and fulfilling corporate social responsibility at the same time.